Sexy Wild Man Hot Process Soap…A Recipe

Have you ever wanted to make something nice for your man and just couldn’t think what on earth to do? That’s a pretty common problem. In fact, if you are interested, here is a thorough Perfect Gift Guide for Your Manly Man! But in the meantime, perhaps you thought about making your special guy his own manly soap?

This recipe is incredibly moisturizing and lathers super well! It’s colored with spices that give it a nice rustic appearance, and the essential oils in this soap blend are woodsy-spicy. I have seriously NOT met a single man who doesn’t like this soap (or woman either, for that matter). So…here you go! Enjoy!

I love making Hot Process soap because guess what? You can use it pretty much right away! Like…the next day! It doesn’t require the curing time that cold process soap takes. I’m not going to go into a great deal of detail, because you can find a complete picture tutorial on making hot process soap in my article HERE.

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How to Make Sexy Wild Man Hot Process Soap:
Ingredients for Sexy Wild Man Hot Process Soap:
15 ounces of organic olive oil (Costco seriously has the best price on organic olive oil I have found)

15 ounces of organic coconut oil (I get mine from Costco)

15 ounces of filtered, bottled, or distilled water

12 ounces of almond oil

7.2 ounces of food grade sodium hydroxide

6 ounces of Shea Butter

1.5 ounces Castor Oil

Essential Oil Blend: 1.5 ounces of Cedarwood (Texas), 1 ounce of Cinnamon, .5 ounce of Lemongrass (I get my essential oils HERE)

1 tablespoon of Safflower powder (optional—it adds a little color) Starwest Botanicals

2 tablespoons of ground Cinnamon (for exfoliation and a little extra color) I get my powders and spices from Starwest Botanicals.

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